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  • To develop a Brexit proof the European business model.
  • Equip supply-chain for the digital economy using digital technologies to connect with and create new sources of value for consumers.
  • Enhance customer brand through aggressive cost and service performance management.
  • Provide scale to grow and capture increased share of an expanding ecommerce consumer wallet.
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  • A seamless transfer and setup of warehouse and fulfilment centre operations in Europe within 12 weeks to service existing and new markets including Britain.
  • Integrated e-commerce platform with multiple system integrations that includes an end-to-end digital technology and operations solution from order capture through to fulfilment and distribution including final mile delivery and returns management. We levered our digital supply chain technology to reinvent and realign fulfilment and distribution systems to meet the needs of today’s digital savvy consumer.
  • Integrated and flexible multi-carrier network of ecommerce postal and parcel capabilities via Titan’s ecommerce ecosystem of service partners. The customer can harness the unique capabilities of Titan TMS to systematically match services to service requirements.
  • A comprehensive array of customisable KPI dashboards, turning data into executable instructions whilst providing status for customer and Titan service support teams. Our industry leading business intelligence and predictive tools continue to evolve at the pace of digital, equipping our customer with unprecedented consumer responsiveness and service performance.


  • Completed the setup and transfer of the business fulfillment and distribution on time (under 12 weeks) and within budget.

  • We deployed a flexible model in line with the business (demand peaks and troughs handled as a matter of routine).

  • Provide an agile and cost-effective supply chain system through our digital supply chain technology and cost-effective fulfilment and distribution service. We operate in the top 2% price percentile in Europe based on detailed competitor analysis.

  • We continue to delivery industry leading service performance standards as reflected in the KPI dashboards. Examples metrics below.

  • We have equipped the customer to scale the service model to other regions.
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Titan exemplifies a continuous improvement culture where clearly defined performance measures are agreed with customers, systematically tracked, measured and presented back as refined business intelligence concerning individual carrier, fulfilment customer or consumer preferences.

Our integrated data analytics platform can be tailored to customer reporting preferences and shared throughout their organisation via the cloud in line with agreed levels of user access restrictions.

All dashboards are interactive, always on, and with real-time information. As you will see from the sample of metric below we operate to industry leading performance standards, working closely with our service partners and customers to deliver a consistent service experience at very attractive price points commiserate with the chosen services.

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