Outsourcing and Management of Global Supply Chain

Jan 15, 2021 7:04:48 PM


Global leader in the design, development and production of synthetic diamond and tungsten carbide super materials

Established in 1959

Employs over 1900 people


  • Difficulty supporting internal freight management program resulting in a strain of resources and raising costs.

  • Challenges faced include management of multiple partners, Distribution Centre, customs, customer complaints, and exceptions.
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  • Outsource all freight management including Distribution Centres and management of all compliance, exceptions, and customs.

  • Implant service in strategic locations globally to support customer (Ireland and South Africa).


  • 4PL Control Tower functionality provides increased visibility across global network of supply chain

  • Multi-carrier TMS provides full Track & Trace (including outbound and final mile), reporting and real-time analytics visible in one dashboard

  • QBR displayed through dashboard – no more manual Excel updates

  • Continuous improvement programme implemented to optimise freight programme (e.g., reduce spend, add value and volume to lanes)

  • Value added services – management of new site development and Brexit prep programme

  • Customs and exceptions management

  • Cost reduction

  • Implant service ensures exclusive and full investment into the client’s project.
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