Re-imagining an EU Distribution Network for USA Client

Mar 23, 2022 2:56:15 PM


Computer hardware manufacturer & supplier to over 180 countries


Based in East coast, USA

150,000 end users

Over 30 years in business


High international shipping costs from USA to ROW. 

There was no visibility of final freight costs as import taxes, duties and VAT could not be accounted for until reaching EU destination. This resulted in not being able to communicate full price to customers and them being impacted by unknown higher costs.

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  • 60% reduction in overall charges
  • Reduced lead times – Transit Time into Europe NBD (originally 4 days with high shipping costs)
  • Brexit ready – robust EU network
  • 12.5% corporate tax & VAT claim back
  • Centralised European Base
  • Customised real-time data analytics
  • Inventory management process to monitor and scale business in real time
  • Optimised stock management
  • Established returns management program
  • Increased customer satisfaction


"Instrumental in the process of establishing our Irish subsidiary"

Titan Solutions is our gateway through Ireland to Europe and destinations worldwide. Titan was instrumental in the process of establishing our Irish subsidiary, and their knowledge and expertise allows us to manage and grow our Irish business with full confidence. With products now in 187 countries, we highly recommend Titan Solutions for organizations looking to expand through improved logistics with a trusted partner that has a track record of success.


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