Streamlining a Retail Distributor’s Export/Import Process

Nov 20, 2020 7:05:10 PM


Wholesale Distributor of Fashion Accessories


East Coast, USA Headquarters

35 Years in Business

Distributes to over 100 countries


  • Simplify a distribution network to serve the EU and rest of world (ROW)

  • Process to Alleviate Customs Issues - no visibility of import customs and duty as well as final price

  • Increase customer satisfaction and market share to allow for additional business growth
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  • Establish an Irish registered company.
  • Develop and manage a robust customs process including tax planning, due diligence, and administrative requirements.

  • Organised the location and management of an Irish warehouse.

  • Oversee their EU and ROW freight requirements by our freight forwarding team.


  • Reduction of costs by 60% due to our client taking advantage of Titan’s carrier network and sophisticated VAT program.

  • Simplified solution for taxes and duty.

  • Utilise Ireland’s 12.5% corporation tax on EU profits.

  • VAT claim back.

  • Transit time of product 1-2 days.

  • EU Distribution network secured from any Brexit related disruptions.
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