Develop a digitised global supply chain connecting Asia manufacturing with regional localisation, fulfillment, distribution and returns management

Mar 23, 2022 3:02:05 PM


Smart wearables OEM

Global company


To develop a digitised global supply chain infrastructure to support the warehousing, end-to-end management, and transportation for wearables devices.

Including connecting to Asia manufacturing partner with regional localisation, fulfillment, distribution and returns management.

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  • Setup and operate an entire Digital Supply Chain network within a fully integrated ERP-WMS-TMS and BI Systems environment for complete end to end visibility and control.
  • Develop and manage a robust trade compliance and administration function.
  • Setup in region customer service support including control tower sense and predict functionality.
  • Set up operating systems to maintain control over IMEI numbers while also providing complete end-to-end visibility via track and trace from source manufacturers to customers.
  • Value-add services including regional procurement.


  • Competitive total landed cost per unit through application of Lean and Digital technology applications.

  • Complete end to end visibility through Control Tower functionality including traffic light exception management.

  • API connectivity to multiple carriers for seamless operation and management as a single unified carrier network including standardised bookings, spot rate bidding, market shopping, predictive analytics, invoice validation and a host of other innovative digital and traditional features.

  • Value added services – diagnostic returns process and customisation of pick, pack and ship orders dependent on country with direct connectivity to OEM technical support.

  • Sophisticated returns management program with established business rules.


  • Cradle to grave traceability of IMEI Numbers from manufacturer to end customers including quarantine of faulty devices and end of life harvesting and/or disposal.

  • Electronic communication of movements of all devices by IMEI Number to the client. This includes receipt of devices from manufacturing into the warehouse, customer despatches, customer returns and returns of defective devices to the client.

  • Much more effective freight cost management through systematic multi-carrier assignment of bookings and continuous performance monitoring.

  • Optimised warehousing and related costs due to a flexible workforce operating models and innovative warehouse space assignment algorithms.

  • Improved end customer service experience due to simplified supply chain.
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