Finding the Right Partners is the Key to Creating Supply Chain Success

Aug 19, 2022 12:08:52 PM

Inherent with the goal of commercialisation lies the problems of production and distribution methods and costs, which must be worked out before manufacturing begins.

IVDR and FDA regulated companies are looking for a shorter and less costly pathway to commercialisation, especially for emerging diagnostic testing companies.

The rise of biotech capabilities, specifically of genetic testing companies, has created a great deal of urgency to launch new specimen collection kits on a regular basis. But speed-to-market can be hindered by a supply chain that includes too many vendors and/or not enough specialisation.

As the science of genomics increases with more tests becoming available, diagnostic testing companies must outsource their kit development, production, and distribution to trusted expert partners. Labs must be concerned with the quality of their own internal processes and not worry about the logistics of specimen collection.

These complex core activities can pose financial, operational, and technological challenges during rapid growth and commercialisation. By incorporating state-of-the-art technology with a team of dedicated experts, every life sciences company can get any product to market faster and more accurately on a global scale.

If you can remain focused on mission-critical internal processes and outsource non-core competencies such as kitting, warehousing, and outbound and inbound shipping of diagnostic kits, this can be a tipping point toward greater commercialisation success.

Why Choose Titan As Your Diagnostic Kitting Partner

Titan Solutions in an ISO 13485:2016 certified facility for the assembly of medical testing kits for the medical device and in-vitro diagnostics industry. We offer a wide range of customised kitting solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices that require the packing of multiple components into one self-contained package.

Our team collaborates with you to develop a kit that best serves your product specifications and end-user requirements. We have a broad portfolio of experience and services therefore, we are ready to help you in meeting demand, improving distribution, increasing efficiency, and expanding your company. We ensure the highest level of quality, every time.

Ready to see how Titan Solutions can support your business?



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