Titan Solutions Named in the Top 10 Procurement Consulting/Professional Services Companies in Europe

Oct 11, 2019 2:51:40 PM

Titan Solutions, a promising supply chain solution provider is on a mission to modernize the end-to-end supply chain processes through its groundbreaking cloud-based solutions. The prime objective of the company is to simplify key aspects of supply chain by offering a wide range of solutions that includes inventory & warehouse optimization solutions, distribution network design, and tender & procurement solutions. The company also provides comprehensive consulting services tailored to deliver increased operational efficiencies for their customers.

As a supply chain technology and service provider, Titan goes beyond SaaS to deliver transformational change and supply chain digitization programs. With contract manufacturing and logistics in its DNA (unusual for the industry), the company is uniquely equipped with innovative technology platforms, to provide a range of entry-level and advanced digitization options via its integrated global logistics eco-system. “With a keen sense of where supply chain technology is heading, Titan is focused on enhancing customer performance within the boundaries of their existing technology infrastructure as a prerequisite to more advanced supply chain digitization,” says Paul Collins, CEO of Titan Solutions. Titan technology platforms connect ERP with Transportation, Warehousing, and Data Analytics for complete end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Today, one of the most exciting opportunities for Titan is the deployment of e-commerce solutions using Titan Lite, the company’s innovative Logistics eco-system. With its global network of interconnected Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) TMS, Titan provides a wide array of service choice and control through integrated control tower, tendering, and other embedded reporting and business management features including BI. Titan Lite is also gaining traction with OEM’s keen to increase service responsiveness and competitiveness.

Given the nature and complexity of modern supply chain infrastructure, system integration remains a significant barrier in enhancing business value wherein Titan Lite as a single point of integration simplifies deployment and reduces time to improvement gains for its customers. For example, most traditional freight service models employ multiple carriers operating their individual TMS at the customer site with all the challenges of training, support, and merging of different data reporting formats. With the Titan Lite TMS module, all carriers are integrated into a single user platform for complete end-to-end visibility and control including track and trace, integrated KPI dashboards, control tower, invoice auditing, and standardized reporting.

Titan has proven to be invaluable to its customers by blending a combination of contract manufacturing and logistics expertise to provide innovative supply chain solutions including a fully integrated ERP/TMS/WMS solution set that includes BI and Inventory modelling capabilities.

The future looks promising for Titan, as the company is working towards enhancing its cloud-based applications and BI functionality. The company also intends to actively expand technology and services offering for inventory optimization. “Titan’s ability to tie its technology solutions to create value for customers is the key to our commercial success,” states Collins. With that in mind, Titan has taken its lead from Wall Street, by hiring and equipping its Analysts with access to industry databases and analytics tools to provide compelling competitive analysis while pinpointing sources of value for its customers. In conclusion, Collins says, “Titan engagement brings a wealth of business intelligence as part of our service offering including targeted costs, service performance benefits along with detailed road maps to their attainment.”


Article from CIOApplicationsEurope.


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