Titan Named One of The Top Freight Management Consulting/Service Companies 2020

Apr 20, 2020 3:51:57 PM

Freight management has always been a complicated affair; with changing consumer demands, complex business models, and growing client demands, it has become even more challenging. Almost every business today, irrespective of the field of activity, is struggling with wasted effort, high-cost, and poor service performance in a freight management process.

Enter Titan Solutions where according to Paul Collins Titan CEO, “our technology and service solutions ensure movement of products during this COVID-19 Pandemic to points of greatest need.” The company is bringing about a whole new way of thinking through the inherent complexity and chaos of modern supply chain and freight management. “Our technologies cut through the status quo, organizational conflict, anxiety, and resistance to change, to transform freight management into a competitive differentiator and magnet for tech-savvy graduates seeking new and exciting career opportunities within a modern global freight control tower environment,” says Julian Carroll, the director of supply chain at Titan Solutions. Through its multi-carrier technology platform, Titan enforces strict operational and financial control over entire freight networks irrespective of carriers, services, or carrier systems involved to drive better decisions throughout the customer organizations.

Through its state-of-art system, Titan’s platform captures bookings directly from its customer ERP, via API integration and push through or bypass the warehouse to the freight transportation network, depending on customer requirements. Freight carriers are automatically engaged and tracked throughout the service engagement up to confirmation of POD back to the customers’ ERP system. In addition, the platform also provides a single point of freight system integration, including ERP, WMS, TMS, and data analytics.

Titan delivers its capabilities by employing a consultative engagement to establish a thorough understanding of its customers’ business challenges. This is followed by defining time-phased onboarding plans clearly and steering committee oversight. Through their solution, the company has supported US-based OEMs by developing and operating supply chain solutions out of Ireland, including returns of clinical samples to the U.S. for testing. Titan also provides a fully integrated parcel and postal e-commerce service solution, including fulfilment services throughout Europe. “Plans are underway to expand this service to the Americas during 2020,” mentions Carroll. Furthermore, Titan operates a freight implant service for customers, whereby they deliver the freight function at customer sites as part of its 4PL service offering. These programs tend to be regional in scale and are tailored to varying customer needs and the number of locations involved.

With a contract manufacturing DNA, Titan can understand the complexities of manufacturing and bring its knowledge and expertise to every customer engagement. “Notwithstanding our exciting freight technology, we employ a fantastic team of professionals equipped with all the knowledge and expertise to bring value from the most challenging of supply chains,” says Carroll. In addition to its freight technology platforms, Titan also provides freight management expertise including tendering, carrier qualification and performance management, and a complete outsourced 4PL managed service tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Established with the initial goal of being a single point of contact between businesses and their shipping providers, Titan has indeed carved a unique niche for itself in the freight management space today. The company has blended a combination of contract manufacturing and logistics expertise to solve complex supply chain issues that equip their customers with the processes they need for future growth. Currently, Titan is setting up offices in the U.S. and will be sharing further details in the coming weeks. “We are very excited as our Business Intelligence capabilities continue to evolve and share meaningful insights using visualizations that bring our freight data alive in ways that facilitate more indebt customer business discussions and decision making,” concludes Carroll.


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